2016 Cms / Balestrini Power 200/150 CS33 6 Assi



ProduttoreCms / Balestrini
ModelloPower 200/150 CS33 6 Assi
Numero di magazzinoMACC


The machine bed is made of high-thickness, welded and stabilized steel, giving it strength and solidity. The carriage for the Y axis movement runs along the bridge. On it the carriage for the Z vertical movement is mounted, while the X movement, right angled to the Y axis, is carried out by the work table (X and U axes). The carriages run along wide, interchangeable, inserted guides, which are hardened and ground, through four-way track bearings with ball recirculation. The Y axis movement is carried out by a rack pinion system with automatic backlash recovery by means of a pre-charged elastic element. The X, U and Z movement are executed through the rotation of ball recirculating precision screws connected to pre-loaded screw nuts. The movement of the axes is controlled by AC brushless type servomotors. The movement along the Z axis of the working unit is aided by pneumatic cylinders that balance the weight of the parts in movement. AXES STROKES Y= 3000 mm 90 m/min. 7,0 m/s2 X + U = 2550 mm 90 m/min. 7,0 m/s2 Z = 1000 mm 60 m/min. 7,0 m/s2 Rotary Axes A° = +/+120° 38 rpm. 2100 °/sec2 C° = +/- 340 ° 38 rpm. 1500 °/sec2 WORKING UNITS HEAD TYPE CS33 Working Head rotating around two axes (axis A + axis C), equipped with 3 electrospindles, which are mounted in such a way to form an offset cross on the same rotary plane (Original design) This peculiar design reduces the necessary head volume requirement during its operation, though using powerful electrospindles. Thanks to this, POWER is able to machine workpieces characterised by small radius curved faces. With CS33 head all the3 tools or combined toll groups can turn into operation with rapidity . In addition to this a tool changing system is also available on one of the three electrospindles (shank HSKF63) Working head CS33/CU HSK-F63 No. 1 electrospindle with automatic tool change, 12 kW (S1) - 24000 RPM max - HSK-F63 Liquid cooling (CMS PRODUCTION) No. 2 electrospindles 9 kW ( S1) - 24000 RPM max - ER40 with collets Ø 25 mm Liquid cooling (CMS PRODUCTION) N° 2 TOOL RACK MAGAZINE FOR AUTOMATIC TOOL CHANGER According to the request of the customer, Machining Centre mod. POWER equipped with automatic tool changer is supplied with one or two tool racks, each one providing 6 tool positions (6+6 TOTAL 12 POSITION) Tool racks are mounted vertically and are provided with an automatic dust protection cover. They are placed at the sides of the machine columns; this location and a specific software assisting the user in the correct tool disposal inside the rack helps in shortening the necessary tool change time. Max diameter blade 350mm (WITH LIMITATION ROTATING AXIS) WORKPIECE SUPPORT SYSTEMS The machine comes with 4 crosspiece on plane width 1500 mm 2each table. Each transversal base on 2 Rexroth guides, the adjustment is fast and precise. Each crosspiece is equipped with No. 2 carriage hold-equipment for jigs and workpieces. (total 8) This equipment is engineered to give many possible solution to the operator, switching from COMBI (Patented Balestrini) or solid column of support (CSR), where is possible to add also clamping cylinders to fix many possible pieces and JIG-FREE (special solution for chair). COMBINo. 8 COMBI tables system w. Tilting planes; each COMBI consisting in: - one loading plane 300x100 mm with holes for jigs centering and holding; three grooved sides for positioning and holding clamping cylinders - one grooved vacuum table 300x200 mm WORKPIECE CLAMPING SYSTEMS For COMBI PNEUMATIC CYLINDERS No. 8 clamping with anti-rotation rod set by a double acting pneumatic cylinder Ø 50 - stroke 25 mm. with hook system to the COMBI table ROTATING AXIS RE-ALIGNMENT DEVICE It allows: • Rotating axis control and automatic re-alignment • Tool length measuring NUMERICAL CONTROL Numerical control OSAI type S10 510i Main characteristics: - 1 Ghz CPU - 32 MB RAM - Ethernet port - 6 Axis Mechatrolink - 40 MB part program memory (for programs not generated with HSI ) - DNC modality for larger programmes - Full digital technology - Software «TOOL DYNAMIC CONTROL» on numeric control for displaying and checking electrospindle rotational speed and power absorption while working, for each tool used - Real time DOS option - TCP option