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The woodworking machinery industry is diverse, and there are several prominent manufacturers offering a wide range of equipment for wood processing. Here are some of the main global manufacturers of woodworking machinery:

  1. Homag Group: A German company, Homag is one of the largest global manufacturers of woodworking machinery. They provide a comprehensive range of equipment, including CNC machining centers, saws, edge banding machines, and more.
  2. Biesse Group: An Italian company, Biesse Group specializes in manufacturing woodworking machinery as well as equipment for processing plastic, glass, and stone. Their product lineup includes CNC machines, saws, sanders, edge banders, and more.
  3. Altendorf GmbH: Based in Germany, Altendorf is known for producing sliding table saws, which are widely used in woodworking applications.
  4. SCM Group: An Italian company, SCM Group produces a diverse range of woodworking machinery, including CNC machines, saws, sanders, drilling machines, and more.
  5. Felder Group: An Austrian company, Felder Group focuses on manufacturing a variety of woodworking equipment, including saws, routers, planers, and combination machines.
  6. Martin Woodworking Machines: A German company, Martin produces high-quality woodworking machines, with a focus on sliding table saws and spindle moulders.
  7. Cantek America Inc.: Cantek is a North American manufacturer of woodworking machinery, offering a wide range of machines for wood processing.
  8. Robland: A Belgian company, Robland manufactures a variety of woodworking machines, including combination machines, panel saws, and planers.
  9. Griggio S.p.A.: An Italian company, Griggio specializes in the production of woodworking machinery, including panel saws, planers, and edge banders.
  10. Weinig Group: A German company, Weinig is a leading manufacturer of machines and systems for solid wood processing, with a focus on solutions for planing, profiling, and optimizing processes.

These are just a few examples of major woodworking machinery manufacturers, and the market is dynamic with new technologies and innovations regularly emerging. The choice of a specific manufacturer will depend on production requirements, budget, and user preferences.