2013 Weeke Venture 107 M

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ModelVenture 107 M
Stock NumberMHG001


Power Control PC 85 Numerical Control with Wood Wop Software Working range in X axis 3130 mm Working range in Y axis 1250 mm Working range in Z axis 100 mm No. 2 work camps Bar worktop N° 6 manually adjustable bars for suction cup support N° 4 pneumatic Bakelite bars for lifting the panel N° 1 vertical electrospindle, with automatic tool change, KW 9, HSK cone type N° 1 automatic lateral tool change system with 8 positions N° 1 rear automatic tool change system with 8 positions Drilling head with 18 spindles arranged as follows: - N° 6 verticals on the X axis - N° 6 verticals in Y axis - N° 4 horizontal on the X axis - N° 2 horizontal in Y axis Integrated blade for making grooves Security system with front mats and perimeter grilles Vacuum pump mc/h 100