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Single side edge banders \ double side squaring edge banders are actually very used in the woodworking industry and especially for the production of furniture, interiors, office furniture , bathroom , kitchen , etc.

This technology became very used and essential for all that companies who wants to increase their product quality and to be even more competitive in the market with prices by reducing production time.

Single side edge bander are very often used by medium \ small factories due to their flexibility and double side edge banders are used in medium \ large factories who needs more production capacity.

According to the product, today is possible to select the right machine choosing by brand (most important brands are IMAHomagStefaniHolzherBiesseOtt , etc) by composition and by proper budget.

It could be possible even to increase capacity and reduce works by using automatization systems like panel return systems for single side edge banders ( mahors, ligmatech , formetal , barbariac, biesse, etc. ) and bigger systems for double side edge bander lines ( mahros, ligmatech, rbo, etc.)

As usual RM will be always by your side with big selection of used single side edge banders \ used double side edge banders \ used squaring edge banders fully reconditioned and with possibility to modify the machines compositions according to customers needs.