2019 Stefani EBM System S1

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ModelEBM System S1
Stock NumberMLL911


Lot 1 edgebanding line composed as follows: EASY ORDER SZ 25 semi-automatic feeder for the longitudinal and transversal passage of panels Stefani S edgebander with numerical control with PC and MAESTRO PRO EDGE - ETouch software Tele diagnosis Barcode reader Panel height up to 80 mm Wooden edge thickness workable up to 12 mm Nesting Kits Variable feed speed from NC Working height adjustable electronically by C.N. Upper rubberized panel pressure belt during advancement AA anti-adhesive group RT-H rectifier group with 2 4 kW motors with automatic regulation by CN RT-H rectifier group with 2 4 kW motors with automatic regulation by CN Group of lamps for heating the panel Reel magazine with 12 positions with automatic edge change by C.N. - maximum edge height 65 mm Single reel holder plate for wooden edges or with heights up to 80 mm HM 3002 PU box L gluing unit for PUR glue with pre-melter Edge pressure group on straight profiles with pressure rollers electronically adjustable by C.N Anti-adhesive group Trimming unit with 2 motors with automatic inclination adjustment Trimming unit superimposed on 2 motors Gleaning unit with 2 tilting motors electronically adjustable by C.N. Multifunction rounding unit (edner + rounder) with automatic numerical control adjustment - Multiedge KIT Spindle moulder group electronically adjustable by C.N. with 8-position automatic tool changer - HSK cone attachment Electronic edge scraper unit electronically managed by C.N. Glue scraper unit Oscillating brush group Double edge dresser group TECHNICAL DETAILS TO BE CHECKED