Celaschi \ Sag 480 \ A - 485A

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ManufacturerCelaschi \ Sag
Model480 \ A - 485A
Stock NumberMLL921


PRODUCTION LINE FOR RAISED FLOORS | PARQUET WITH AUTOMATION FOR LOADING AND UNLOADING. The production process takes place as follows: * the melamine panels are introduced to the conveyor belt transfer and subsequently to the first bar saw via suction cup loader * the bar panels are transported and spaced towards the first profiling machine \ squaring machine for the first processing on both longitudinal sides; Once this process is completed, the panels are transported to the second profiling / squaring machine for the second processing on both transversal sides * last process is to palletize the panels and place them inside the boxes (previously prepared) which will be closed and then covered with heat-shrink film The line has a production capacity of approximately 70,000 m2 per month with only 4 operators. This line, in addition to having a flexible production capacity, also makes grooves for interlocking effects (EASY FIT type). The first machine in line uses a quality control system using cameras to monitor the edge external panel capable of detecting any splinters, moreover they are mounted in coincidence with the operating units integrated pressers that press the bars directly above the conveyor belts. The chains of the squaring machines have bearings mounted on casehardened steel guides, due to the high speeds at which works the line, and are equipped with PINs (retractable stops) which allow processing up to a minimum of 63 mm in width. The control and management system is Windows based with Siemens PLC hardware, which allows easy programming customized and many extra functions such as barcode management, production data programming, and indicators that allow you to detect tool wear and carry out diagnostics on performance and operation of the line. The working speeds of the line vary depending on the type of parquet and can reach up to 180\200 m\min for melamine \ laminate panels. Working measurements range from 63 mm to 400 mm in width and from 300 mm to 4000 mm in length. The joints that can be made are traditional male\female or with CLICK type mechanical locking. The machines that make up the line are the following: * Celaschi 480A \ Sag 485A production line for longitudinal and transversal joints with directional transfer and separator \ transfer stacker for introduction to the first TSA1 squaring machine \ TSA1 squaring machine for processing longitudinal \ output transfer from TSA 1 and connection to TSA 2 \ squaring machine for TSA transversal processing 2 * Sag Sincar\T panel saw for transversal cuts of the panel with 400 mm blade of 20 HP * Sag Car MS\T automatic manipulator loader with 10800 mm loading arm stroke, gear motor 8 HP self-braking device and suction cup device with vacuum pump * PAUL K34G\2200 multi-blade panel saw for the longitudinal cutting of panels consisting of 9 circular blades of 280 mm diameter mounted on a single shaft, with forward speed from 2 to 48 m\min * BIRONCAR MC\PV\1G palletizer for boxes with pneumatic grippers, axis stroke 5000 mm * SAG IMP\CART boxing machine for the preparation of cardboard boxes with a capacity of up to 600 boxes\h * SOTEMAPACK Totalpack 50TF packaging machine with thermo-shrinkable film system and oven * labeling machine for cardboard boxes TECHNICAL DETAILS TO BE CHECKED AND CONFIRMED