2008 Giardina Dualtech 401

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Model401 Dualtech
Stock NumberMGB023


Electronic control of the machine through PLC model Telemecanique - Premium, with touch screen keyboard a XBT colors with the following functions: * transport speed * reciprocator speed * adjustment of the gun intervention area in relation to the size of the panels * the guns can be ignited individually and can spray independently * statistical functions and work data storage Working width 1300 mm Minimum length of pieces 300 mm Maximum working thickness 45 mm Feed speed adjustable from 2 to 6 m / min Motorized infeed roller conveyor length 1500 mm Motorized outfeed roller conveyor length 1300 mm Reciprocator speed from 0 to 120 m / min Air inlet dimensions 350 x 1520 mm Air expulsion mouth dimensions 450 x 450 mm Expulsion air volume 12000 m3 / h Local power supply fan 3 KW Input roller motor power 0.37 KW Output roller motor power 0.37 KW Reciprocator motor power 2.5 KW Total installed electrical power 14.6 KW Compressed air consumption 2000 Nl / min (without guns, each gun 200 lit / min) Overall dimensions of the machine 5000 x 4216 mm Machine height 3800 mm Adjustable table height 900 +/- 30 N. 2 opposing and amortized units designed to accommodate up to 4 + 4 spray guns Power supply circuit for 8 Airmix guns with return line included to allow quick washing. The spray parameters are independent for each gun Spraying room made with carbon steel profiles and prepainted sheet metal panels Self-cleaning carpet with paint recovery through a patented system that guarantees cleaning and recovery of the perfect product without any mechanical action that can damage or consume the carpet