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Usato 2024 Woodtech/Nanxing MJ1132F/MJ1138F
2024 Woodtech/Nanxing MJ1132F/MJ1138F

Squaring machine with tilting blade Motorized blade lifting Manual blade inclination Technical da...

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Usato 2024 Woodtech/Nanxing MJ1132F
2024 Woodtech/Nanxing MJ1132F1/MJ1138F1

Squaring machine with tilting blade 3 controlled CNC axes: 1st axis: blade lifting 2nd axis: blad...

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2023 Woodtech/Nanxing NPC 380
Woodtech/Nanxing NPC 380

NEW CAR Power Control Numerical Control with NX Cut System Software and NX Pareto optimizer Barco...

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