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Welcome to RM's blog, your go-to source for valuable insights into woodworking and the best-used machinery on the market. Today, we'll be exploring crucial factors to consider when selecting used woodworking machinery that suits your workshop requirements.

1. Types of Woodworking Operations:

Before diving into the world of used machinery, it's essential to understand the type of woodworking operations you'll be undertaking. Whether you're crafting custom furniture, creating artistic pieces, or producing structural elements, ensure that the used machine aligns with your specific woodworking needs.

2. Size and Space:

Evaluate the available space in your workshop. Used machines come in various sizes, so choose a model that fits comfortably within your workspace without compromising convenience and safety.

3. Power and Performance:

Power is paramount for achieving quality results efficiently. Ensure that the used machinery you're considering has the necessary power to handle the projects you have in mind. Additionally, check performance aspects such as precision and processing speed.

4. Safety Features:

Workplace safety is a top priority. Choose used machines equipped with advanced safety features, including emergency stop devices, blade guards, and dust extraction systems. Ensure a thorough understanding of safety procedures and provide adequate training to your personnel.

5. Maintenance:

Consider the ease of maintenance for the used machinery. Opt for models that require simple, regular maintenance and are supported by reliable customer service for any necessary repairs or upgrades.

6. Age and Condition:

Assess the age and overall condition of the used machinery. Request detailed information on the machine's history, maintenance records, and any past refurbishments. A well-maintained, slightly older machine may offer excellent value for your investment.


Choosing the right used woodworking machinery can significantly impact your projects. Take the time to evaluate your specific needs and compare the available options in the market. At RM Srl, we're here to help you find the perfect solution to achieve outstanding results in your woodworking endeavors.

We hope this guide proves valuable in your quest for the ideal used woodworking machinery. Stay tuned to our blog for more tips and updates on the fascinating world of woodworking.