2019 Morbidelli M100

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5 axis machining center SEMI NEW!! Numerical Control with MAESTRO - Xilog Plus software - with additional USB key Console cable length 6.5 m TECPAD remote control with 7" touch screen Working range in X mm 3110 Working range in Y mm 1380 Working range in Z 180 mm N° 6 FLEX 1600 TV panel support bars Laser device for positioning Tool length sensor N° 4 pneumatic Bakelite bars for lifting the panel No. 3 adjustable suction cups for each bar N° 1 JQX 5-axis electrospindle, automatic tool change, 12 KW motor, 24000 rpm, liquid cooling, with blower, with predisposition for HITECO angular transmission with 1 pneumatic user TRB14 automatic tool changer on the machine side FAST14 automatic tool changer on the machine side Right tool holder HSK63F ER 32 for collets from 3 to 20 mm Cone type HSK F 63 F23L drilling head (with dedicated inverter) with n° 23 independent spindles - with inverter Blade unit integrated into the X-axis drilling head PRO-SPACE protection and safety system Liquid cooling system Automatic lubrication system N° 1 vacuum pump Integrated electrical cabinet with air conditioner TECHNICAL DETAILS TO BE CHECKED WHEN THE MACHINE WILL BE IN OUR WAREHOUSES