2021 Nuova Progetti \ RM srl NP 30 - TA

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ManufacturerNuova Progetti \ RM srl
ModelNP 30 - TA
Stock NumberMGC004


NEW MACHINE OF OWN PRODUCTION - NATIONAL INDUSTRY PLAN 4.0 MACHINE COMPONABLE ON REQUEST ACCORDING TO YOUR PRODUCTION NEEDS Numerical control machining center for automatic processing of standard (45 °) or reversible (90 °) frames Numerical control with programming on industrial PC 15 ”Touch screen - Windows 10 environment and complete NP-WOOD Software of all the parametric macros for the most common processes (straight cuts, 45 ° cuts, counter plates, hinges concealed, pivot hinges etc ...) The machine is completed by the relative loading and unloading benches. The loading bench is complete with motorized belts, for the automatic feeding of the machine. A special capture and locking unit, equipped with 4 pneumatic clamps, slides along the longitudinal axis (X) and firmly captures the first piece arriving from the loader desk, aligns it and then accompanies it through all work groups, without ever unlocking it, until the program is completed and then up to the unloading bench. The profile is aligned with the stop upwards (valuable side) and towards the stop side. The finished pieces, at the end of the cycle, are unloaded on a series of idle rollers and accumulate in descent. Groups present on the machine: Base + CN vice carriage (X axis) · Loading bench with motorized belts and retractable rollers for the alignment of the piece in the locking position . Blocking and handling unit of the piece by means of n. 4 pneumatic clamps (pliers) with automatic positioning according to the size of the workpiece. · Cutting unit + 45 ° kw 5.5 right side · Cutting unit -45 ° kw 5.5 left side · Cutting unit 90 ° kw 5.5 for straight cut · Group of holes + 45 ° with n. 3 spindles with 32 mm center distance for right-hand drilling · Hole group -45 ° with n. 3 spindles with 32 mm center distance for left-hand drilling · 90 ° vertical hole group (reversible frames) with n. 3 spindles with 32 mm center distance for cross-beam drilling REVERSIBLE · Group of holes horizontal / horizontal (reversible uprights) with n. 3 spindles with 32 mm center distance for drilling on the UPRIGHTS . Automatic anubating unit with loader . Automatic anubating unit with vibrating magazine 2-axis NC milling unit (Y-Z) kw 3.8 2-axis NC milling unit (Y-Z) kw 3.8 · Unloading bench with idle rollers Optional for the anuba group, the vibration warehouse All electrospindles are managed by Inverters Advantages of the work system: * Maximum precision, due to the movement of the panel by means of pneumatic clamps up to the moment of completion of the production process * Great sturdiness of all work groups which are mounted on fixed bearing structures. This guarantees quality during processing thanks to the absence of vibrations. * The cutting groups act with electric transversal movement, while the milling group is equipped with axes controlled by vertical (Z) and transverse (Y) NC. WORKING DIMENSIONS * Max profile width on bench 2300 mm * max profile width 230 mm * min profile width 60 mm AVERAGE PRODUCTIVITY considering the complete frame with anuba processing - 180 complete frames per shift of about 7 hours