2012 Scm TECH Z1 30A

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ModelTECH Z1 30A
Stock NumberMGN001


Numerical Control XILOG PLUS Working field in X axis 3050 mm Working field in Y axis 1050 mm Working stroke in Z axis 120 mm N ° 2 work fields Worktop with bars N ° 6 adjustable bars for the suction cups support N ° 2 adjustable suction cups for each bar with vacuum seal for fixing the panel during processing N ° 1 vertical electrospindle, with automatic tool change, HSK connection Automatic tool change system with 10 positions positioned on the rear of the machine Drilling head with spindles arranged as follows: - N ° 6 vertical in X axis - N ° 4 vertical in Y axis - N ° 2 horizontal in X axis - N ° 2 horizontal in Y axis - N ° 1 blade group integrated in the X axis Bumper protection and safety system Automatic lubrication system Air conditioning system for cooling and cleaning the machine control 110 m3 / h vacuum pump