Omal Insert 1300

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ModelInsert 1300
Stock NumberMEB024


The INSERT line is a Numerical Control machine for drilling, gluing, inserting dowels or hardware. The machine offers a complete PC interface with a working range of 1300 or 2500 mm divided into zones for pendulum machining, four reference stops are standard. Insert line is an automatic dowel highly customizable with a wide variety of options to add to the base composition to suit many production needs including face drilling, hardware drilling such as Rafix and Minifix, hinge drilling, horizontal and vertical milling, grooving, pocket screwing. * 1300 mm worktop with four fields, possibility of indexable central and lateral guides; * Tank with vibrator for the thorns * Diameter of pins 8 \ 10 mm (to be verified) * Horizontal drilling group * Automatic pin insertion group * Powerful and easy to use PC based Numerical Control; * heavy duty steel frame for maximum rigidity; * large phenolic table with sturdy clamps also suitable for delicate materials; * Panel length 20 - 1300 mm * Panel width 50 - ∞ * Panel thickness 10-40mm * Installed power - 5 KW * Compressed air (bar) - min 7 * Extractor hood - 60 mm (+ 80 mm only with vertical drilling) * Total weight - 1100 Kg