2016 IMA Advantage 400 L

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ModelAdvantage 400 L
Stock NumberMGN022


Numerical Control Icon Open Ts Panel height 65 mm Solid mm 12 Pvc / Abs mm 3 Feed speed up to 20 meters / min Working height electronically adjustable by C.N. Motorized rubber belt with higher pressure Panel support guide Panel introduction table to facilitate the alignment of the input panel Side roller conveyor with idle wheels for panel support Anti-adhesive group Grinding group Lamps to heat the edge of the panel Reel holder plate Gluing unit for EVA hot melt glue with glue pot Edge pressure group on straight profiles with electronically adjustable pressure rollers by C.N. End trimming unit with 2 motors with automatic inclination adjustment Non-stick group Gluing unit with 2 tilting motors electronically adjustable by C.N. Multifunction 4-motor rounding unit (gleaner + rounder) with numerical control adjustment in automatic Edge scraper group Edge scraper group Glue scraping unit Oscillating brush group Free space for the possible insertion of a work group