2008 Morbidelli Author 455 S

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ModelAuthor 455 S
Stock NumberMGN024


PC based Numerical Control with XILOG PLUS software Working field in X axis 6000 mm Working field in Y axis 1535 mm Work field in Z axis mm. 180 N 2 work fields in X Nesting worktop N ° 1 HSK 63 vertical electrospindle with Rapid 14 automatic tool change system 14-position automatic tool change on the operating head Drilling head composed as follows: N ° 7 vertical spindles in X axis N ° 5 vertical spindles in Y axis N ° 2 horizontal spindles in X axis N ° 4 horizontal spindles in Y axis Safety system with bumper system on the operating head N ° 3 vacuum pump of 250 mc