2013 Stefani Evolution SSB

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ModelEvolution SSB
Stock NumberMHA002


Numerical control PC Office with Widge Plus software Machine suitable for 1st + 2nd passage of the panel Mobile shoulder opening motorized by N.C. mm 3200 Panel width min - max mm 215 - 3200 Min - max panel height mm 10 - 60 Edge thickness in roll min - max PVC-ABS mm 0,3 - 3 Continuously variable feed speed 10 - 40 m\min Motorized pressure rubber belt Bearing track with retractable pin Pin height 12 - 18 - 25 mm Distance between the retractable pins mm 500 \ 400 Working groups mounted on NC motorized overtables Squaring part composed of (for each side): Anti-adhesive group Timed automatic anti-splinter group Double Hogger group Edging part composed of (for each side): Gluing unit with pre-melter for PUR glue and pre-melter for EVA glue Edge pressure rollers electronically controlled by N.C. Edge holder magazine with 6 positions End Cutting unit with two motors Rough trimming unit with 2 motors Fine trimming unit with 2 motors electronically controlled by NC Rounding unit with 4 motors 0-90° tilting grooving group electronically controlled by CN (movable shoulder 0-90° tilting grooving group + double superimposed grooving unit (fixed shoulder) Anti-adhesive groups Edge scraper unit Glue scraping unit Brush group Phon group