2017 Scm Cyflex SR

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ModelCyflex SR
Stock NumberMHA001


Numerical Control with Xilog Maestro Software Working field in X axis 3050 mm Working field in Y axis 900 mm Working field in Z axis 60 mm X-axis max speed 40 m/min Y-axis max speed 40 m/min Air curtain worktop F18 boring head with spindles arranged as follows: - N° 7 verticals in X axis - N° 5 verticals in Y axis - N° 2 horizontal in X axis - N° 2 horizontal in Y axis Programmable zero strike "TP" sensor for panel calibration on the opposite side Spindle rotation motor power 5.5 kW N° 1 blade integrated in X axis diameter 120 mm Lateral supports for machining long pieces Centralized lubrication Panel width meter