2013 Gabbiani Galaxy T3 110

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ModelGalaxy T3 110
Stock NumberMHA007


Single-blade horizontal panel saw with electronically controlled grippers and pusher with automatic loading via table rear lift PC based Numerical Control with WinCut software - graphic editor (programming software integrated in WinCut) for one fast and easy programming - 3D simulator Cutting length mm 4500 Cutting width mm 2440 Panel stack height mm 600 Max panel stack weight Kg 6500 Blade protrusion mm 110 Panel loading via rear lift table Double lateral aligner with pneumatic rubber cylinders - stroke 2200 mm N° 1 Bakelite front fixed table with air curtain system and lateral guide for loading \ unloading panels - dimensions mm 2500 x 600 N° 3 Bakelite adjustable front tables with air curtain system for loading / unloading the panels - dimensions mm 2500 x 600 Scoring group with electronic adjustment of the ascent and also of the alignment with the main blade - blade diameter 200 mm - 2 HP at 6350 RPM Main blade group - blade diam. 400 mm - 20 HP Device with self-learning system for blocking ascent and blade stroke according to the size and height of the blades panels to cut Adjustable speed of the blade carriage forward \ backward m/min 0 - 170 Movements via pinion + rack Pusher carriage speed min\max 0 - 80 m\min Pusher carriage with 9 pincers BRUSHLESS motors Rotary table inside the machine body for the rotation of the panels and execution of pre-cuts - max capacity kg 500 - max panel dimensions 4500 x 2440 mm - min panel dimensions 1500 x 1500 mm