2013 Biesse + Kuka Rover B 7.65 + KR210-2

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ManufacturerBiesse + Kuka
ModelRover B 7.65 + KR210-2
Stock NumberMHB007


Working center with automatic robot for panel loading and unloading management Biesse XP600 Numerical Control with Biesse Works ADVANCE graphic interface software - machine version and version office - WRT technology (Widows real time) the machine control logic is processed directly on the PC and not on a dedicated special device Working field in X axis 6200 mm Working range in Y axis mm 1552 Working field in Z axis 180 mm Z axis travel mm 235 N ° 2 work fields in X axis Bar worktop \ console No. 10 EPS electronically adjustable bars for suction cup support N° 8 pneumatic bakelite bars for lifting the panel - loading / unloading aid N° 4 EPS electronically adjustable suction cups for each bar with vacuum seal for fixing the panel during the processing N° 1 vertical electrospindle, with automatic tool change, motor KW 12 - 12000 RPM - flange for aggregates - preparation for C-Axis Vector Automatic tool change system with 12 positions - positioned on the machine head BH35L boring head with spindles arranged as follows: - N° 14 verticals in X axis - N° 10 vertical in Y axis - N° 6 horizontal in X axis - N° 4 horizontal in Y axis Independent blade for making grooves in the X axis - diam. 120 mm Front protection and safety system with carpets Perimeter protection grids Automatic lubrication system Machine control cooling and cleaning system with conditioner Vacuum pump mc / h 250 Kuka industrial robot with 6 articulated axes with point-to-point positioning. Independent control panel Panel alignment table Barcode reader on the robot arm Panel introduction system via: * 1 motorized roller conveyor for panel stack preloading * 1 translating motorized roller conveyor * 1 motorized panel stack unloading roller conveyor Technical features: * Type : KR210-2 * Number of axles : 6 * Admissible nominal load : Kg 210 * Machine weight : Kg 1267 * Sound level: 75dB * Installed power: 25.8 kW * Panel dimensions - Min\max length: mm 300\3000 * Panel dimensions - Min\max width: 180\1500 mm * Panel dimensions - Min\max thickness: 8\60 mm * Max panel weight: Kg 90