2016 Biesse Brema Eko 902

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ManufacturerBiesse Brema
ModelEko 902
Stock NumberMHB001


Numerical Control with Biesse Works Software Barcode reader device Working field in X axis mm 3200 Working range in Y axis mm 900 Working field in Z axis mm 80 Loading device automatically through n. 2 panel support clamps Automatic unloading device with panel return to the operator via motorized roller conveyors N° 2 vertical 3-axis electrospindle, ISO 30 tapers Automatic tool change at n. 5 positions Boring head with 21 spindles arranged as follows: - N° 7 verticals in X axis - N° 6 vertical in Y axis - N° 6 horizontal in X axis - N° 2 horizontal in Y axis Integrated blade for making grooves Independent unit for automatic plug insertion Front carpet protection and safety system Perimeter protection grilles