HOMAG Profi Baz 222/60/K

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ModelProfi Baz 222/60/K
Stock NumberMHD005


Homatic PC 85 Power Control Numerical Control with WoodWop Software Working range in X axis mm 6000 Working field in Y axis mm 1650 - in case of milling up to mm 1750 N° 10 adjustable panel support bars for positioning the suction cups Loading and unloading aid system via 8 pneumatic bars positioned on each work bar Schmalz type suction cups adjustable for each bar with vacuum seal for fixing the panel during machining Positioning of the suction cups by means of a laser system assembled on the main head N° 1 vertical electrospindle with C Vektor axis with automatic tool change, cones type HSK F63, KW 11 Automatic tool change in 18 positions on the back of the machine Boring head with 27 spindles (4 kW) arranged as follows: N° 11 vertical in X axis N° 6 vertical in Y axis N° 6 horizontal in X Independent edge banding unit with 360° rotation on second Y axis with glue pot and pre-melter for granular EVA glue Applicable edges in rolls - PVC / ABS 0.4 - 3 mm Maximum working height in edging mm 60 Maximum applicable edge height mm 65 Internal radius min mm 30 (depending on the type of edge) External radius depends on the type of material used Rubberized pressure roller + rubberized pressure roller Lamp for panel preheating Edge trimmer N° 1 aggregate blade, diameter mm 200 (max) No. 1 combined trimmer - edge scraper unit Edge holder magazine Front protection and safety system with carpets Perimeter protection grilles Chip evacuation system with motorized belt Air conditioning system for cooling and cleaning the machine control Automatic lubrication system Vacuum pump