2017 Biesse Insider FTT R8

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ModelInsider FTT R8
Stock NumberMLL917


Insider FTT R8 automatically adapts to the actual dimensions of the panel, guaranteeing maximum production efficiency: no machine downtime when changing the panel format, '0' retooling times, no manual intervention of the operator. TOLERANCE MANAGEMENT Insider FTT R8 compensates for dimensional errors by measuring the length and width of the panel and correcting the positions of the processes in real time. BATCH CHANGE IN 'REAL-TIME' The reconfiguration of the machine when changing the format is completely automatic: the automatic change of the tips on the spindles of the vertical operating units allows immediate retooling without Brushless motorizations on the worktops and movement belts allow for the possibility of error quick and precise positioning. POWER The four vertical operating units and the four horizontal operating units with independent spindles they allow the processing of the 5 sides of the panel with high levels of productivity. BH18 HORIZONTAL OPERATING UNITS WITH INDEPENDENT SPINDLES: wide working range in horizontal drilling with 18+18 spindles available in double machining; Brushless motors for high work performance; chucks with quick change system for quick and easy retooling. Workable panel length 240 / 3100 mm Width in double workable panels 140 / 800 mm Width in single workable panels 140 / 1550 mm Workable panels thickness 12 / 60 mm Drilling spindle rotation speed (variable, controlled by inverter) 4000 rpm Work unit no. 4 Spindles for vertical drilling n. 32 x 4 Spindles for horizontal drilling in direct. Y ± n. 4 x 4 Chain warehouses n. 2 x 59 Spindles for horizontal drilling in direct. X ± n. 18 x 4 TECHNICAL DETAILS TO BE CHECKED