2014 Morbidelli Universal X5 HD 36

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ModelUniversal X5 HD 36
Stock NumberMHG002


PC based Numerical Control with XILOG PLUS software Mobile pine cone with command functions Working range in X axis 3548 mm Working range in Y axis 1350 mm Working range in Z axis mm. 180 Z axis travel 400 mm N° 2 work camps in X N° 6 manually adjustable panel support bars N° 3 suction cups for holding the panel for each bar N° 4 pneumatic Bakelite bars for lifting the panel (helping with loading and unloading) N° 1 5-axis vertical electrospindle with automatic tool change KW 11 cones HSK 63 connection Liquid pantograph cooling system Automatic lateral tool changer with 10 positions Automatic tool changer with 12 positions on the operating head Drilling head composed as follows: N° 20 vertical spindles (10 on the X axis and 5+5 on the Y axis) N° 4 horizontal spindles in X axis N° 4 horizontal spindles in Y axis Motorized chip evacuation belt Safety system with bumper system on the operating head N° 1 vacuum pump 100 m3\h Automatic lubrication