2021 Biesse Rover A 1842 Edge

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ModelRover A 1842 Edge
Stock NumberMLL910


BH 660 Numerical Control with BIESSE BSolid software bEdge module for edge management Additional bSolid license Sophia - IoT Connection Office control Statistics for storing production data Industry 4.0 - Teleservice bPad wireless console Replacement of the standard PC with a high-performance PC Working range in X axis 4140 mm Working range in Y axis 1860 mm Working range in Z axis 200 mm with suction cups H74 mm Working range in Z axis 245 mm with suction cups H29 mm N° 8 EPS panel support bars automatically adjustable with automatic electronic positioning by CN Installation of the pneumatic clamping divided into two zones in Y N° 6 pneumatic Bakelite bars for lifting the panel No. 3 automatically adjustable EPS suction cups for each bar, electronically adjustable by CN N° 1 electrospindle (pantograph) with 5 axes, automatic tool change, 13 KW motor (17.4 HP), cooling liquid, HSK cone connection, 20000 RPM Flange for mounting aggregates on the 5-axis pantograph Automatic tool change with 6 positions on the operating head Automatic tool change with 12 positions on the machine side Numerically controlled presetter for measuring tool length up to a max diameter of 130 mm Tool holder with HSK F 63 socket Hi-tech tool kit Tesa drilling BH24 independent spindles arranged as follows: N° 8 independent spindles for vertical drilling in "X" direction N° 5 independent spindles for vertical drilling in "Y" direction N° 3 spindles for horizontal drilling in "X" direction N° 2 spindles for horizontal drilling in "Y" direction N° 1 blade integrated in the drilling head diam. 120 mm (useful cut 25 mm) GU60L gluing unit for EVA glue with pre-melter - edge pressure system with double rubber roller for spokes internal maximum 30 mm and feeler for edge joining - 500 ml glue pot installed on the glue roller - lamp of edge heating - edge feed system - edge cutting system - possibility of introduction of the manual edge Thickness of the plastic edge from 0.4 to 3 mm Wooden edge thickness from 0.4 to 2 mm Laminate edge thickness from 0.4 to 1.2 mm Maximum edge width 65 mm Workpiece thickness from 10 to 60 mm Minimum workable internal radius with edging 30 mm Maximum external radius for edging, proportionate to the thickness and rigidity of the edge: * 10mm with edge up to 1mm thick * 20mm with 2mm thick edge * 30mm with 3mm thick edge Minimum dimensions of the edged panel 300 x 300 mm Minimum internal diameter for edging: 350 mm with plastic edges less than 1 mm thick and with panel maximum thickness 18 mm RAY FORCE 2.8 kw gluing unit for processing panels from 10 mm to 40 mm - RAY edge introduction system Automatic FORCE SYSTEM for measurements between 1 and 2.2 mm - edge pressure system with double pressure roller Edge magazine with 2 positions positioned inside the protective casings for edges with maximum thickness 65 mm Finishing aggregate cleaning station with automatic distribution of special cleaning liquids and with a cleaning cycle N° 1 aggregate trimming blade diam 300 mm N° 1 aggregate for gleaning / rounding edges N° 1 EF60B combi aggregate trimmer/edge scraper System for thin panels from 10 to 60 mm for edge thicknesses up to 2 mm and 12 - 60 mm for thicknesses up to 3 mm. Includes horizontal copiers with reduced thickness and friction for non-delicate materials. If selected the system is installed on edge finishing aggregate with standard reading. Protection and safety system compliant with CE directives with front and rear bumper system compatible with floors working EPS and FPS Perimeter protection grids Chip evacuation system with motorized belt Liquid cooling system Automatic lubrication system N° 1 vacuum pump of 250 m3\h N° 7 additional vacuum connections for connecting additional sealing tools TECHNICAL DETAILS TO BE CONFIRMED