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ModelUniWin WMS
Stock NumberMHN008


Multifunction machining center for the production of doors and windows with automatic system for loading and unloading pieces worked Automatic loading and unloading bench with automatic gripper system for gripping the piece and introducing it machine and for picking up the machined piece and transporting it to the unloading roller conveyor Holding of the piece being processed by 10 bars and 30 automatic grippers with electronic movement managed by CN (possibility to customize the pliers depending on the piece being processed) Pneumatic system of Bakelite bars for lifting the worked piece Workpiece length min \ max mm 190 \ 3000 Workpiece width that can be worked with a multi-tool shaft max 160 mm Workpiece height workable with Uniclamps 120 mm Workable depth in tenoning with multi-tool shaft max 130 mm Max diameter of the multi-tool shaft 350 mm Max multi-tool shaft height 480 mm N 2 KW 13.5 vertical electrospindle with HSK F 63 type cones with automatic tool change N 2 tool change systems on the operating head with 12 + 12 positions KW 8 multi-tool shaft X\Y|Z axis movement speed min\ max 85\45\30 Weight 9300 kg