2017 Biesse Rover B FT 1836

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ModelRover B FT 1836
Stock NumberMHM011


Numerical Control with B-Solid Software Working range in X axis 3600 mm Working range in Y axis 1800 mm N ° 2 work fields Nesting worktable Automatic loading system with side lifting table Label printing system with automatic application on the loading table Panel detachment system with suction cups N° 1 3-axis vertical electrospindle, 13.2 kW, with automatic tool change, ISO 30 cone type Automatic tool change system with 16 positions - positioned on the back of the machine Automatic tool change system with 8 positions - on the machine BH 10 drilling head with 10 spindles arranged as follows: - N° 15 verticals on the X axis - N° 17 verticals on the Y axis Automatic unloading system with motorized belt Worktop cleaning system Protection and safety system with perimeter grilles Security system with Bumper Automatic lubrication system Air conditioning system for cooling and cleaning the machine control 250 m3/h vacuum pumps