2018 Biesse Rover A 1659

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ModelRover A 1659
Stock NumberMLL250


BH 660 Numerical Control with BIESSE BSolid software Sophia - IoT Connection Office control Statistics for storing production data Working range in X axis 5920 mm Working range in Y axis 1580 mm Working range in Z axis 245 mm N° 8 EPS panel support bars automatically adjustable with automatic electronic positioning by CN Installation of the pneumatic clamping divided into two zones in Y N° 6 pneumatic Bakelite bars for lifting the panel N° 2 Uniclamp for each bar electronically adjustable by CN N° 2 Suction cups for bar electronically adjustable by CN N° 1 electrospindle (pantograph) with 5 axes, automatic tool change, 13 KW motor (17.4 HP), cooling liquid, HSK cone connection, 20000 RPM Automatic tool change at n° 24 on the back of the operating head Automatic tool change with 10 variable positions on the machine side Tool holder with HSK F 63 socket Protection and safety system compliant with CE directives with front and rear bumper system compatible with floors working EPS and FPS Perimeter protection grids Chip evacuation system with motorized belt Liquid cooling system Automatic lubrication system N° 1 vacuum pump of 100 mc\h TECHNICAL DETAILS TO BE CONFIRMED