2010 ERREGI Techno Press VR2

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ModelTechno Press VR2
Stock NumberMHN001


Machine for assembling and pressing furniture bodies, fully automatic and self-regulating, reads the dimensions of the piece and positions the elements according to the dimensions read. The pressing is with an electromechanical system, the pressing force is adjustable with potentiometers on the control console. command. The pressing has been deliberately moved to the beginning of the machine, so that the operator has to do the minimum path in case of working on the furniture being pressed Passing clamp for loose bodies Useful working area in height from 250 mm to 1200 mm Working area in width from 250 mm to 2500 mm Working area in depth from 180 mm to 700 mm Worktop height from the ground 550 mm Motorized belt with speed 10 - 40 m/min Installed power 9 kW Weight 2600 kg Motorized loading and unloading belt transfers