2018 Vitap Eclipse

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SEMI AUTOMATIC EDGE BANDER For curved pieces with panel thickness from 10 to 60 mm and edge thickness 1-3 mm GLUING GROUP with: - Edge gluing on open and closed curved panels of small and large dimensions - Max glue pot capacity 1 Kg (with optional 2 Kg glue pot) - 1 gluing roller - 2 rollers to copy the shape of the panel - 2 800 W resistors with electronic temperature control - Manual adjustment of the glue quantity - Glue temperature adjustment - Automatic edge cutting system to start the edging operation - PLC for setting the measurement and cutting of the edge with encoder reading for open and closed pieces. LASER TO FACILITATE CUTTING PROGRAMMING FOR CLOSED PIECES WITHOUT THE NEED TO MEASURE THE PIECE - On/Off automatic piece feeder - Work surface for edging small pieces - Rolled edge magazine with idle roller system for easy sliding of the edge PNEUMATICLY TILTING TRIMMING GROUP WITH: - 2 high frequency 0.5 kW motors with rotation speed of 15000 rpm. with upper, lower and copier front - On/Off trimming unit - Pneumatic lifting of the two motors for inserting the piece to be trimmed - 2 brazed cutters R=3 Z=6 - Work surface for trimming small pieces - Articulated arm complete with vacuum workpiece support table for edging and trimming large pieces dimensions - Dimensions: 2000 x 2000 x 1700 mm (with closed arms) - Dimensions: 3400 x 3400 x 1700 mm (with arms open) • 600 Kg - Machine compliant with CE standards TECHNICAL DETAILS TO BE CHECKED