2015 IMA \ SCHELLING \ M2A \ SIRIO Novimat

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ManufacturerIMA \ SCHELLING \ M2A \ SIRIO
Stock NumberMID004


Batch 1 production line for panel edgebanding. The line is made up as follows: * Pos 1. M2A automatic storage for the storage and introduction of panels into the edgebanding line. The storage it is completed by an anthropomorphic robot that divides the panels according to the different orders. * Pos 2. SCHELLING panel saw for cutting and optimizing panels. The panels arrive at the panel saw from the storage and are transported and handled automatically. The SIRIO loader will introduce the individual panels in the panel saw. * Pos 3. IMA NOVIMAT edgebanders for edgebanding on 4 sides of the panel. Thanks to the automation given by the transfers of introduction the edgebanding lines guarantee a high quality standard with high productivity. The panels come then introduced and managed also via a SIRIO loader which, depending on the order, acts as a transfer like panel turners. * Pos 4. SIRIO unloader with various unloading roller conveyors where the machine will deposit the various panels assembling the various final orders. All line management takes place automatically and managed via barcodes. A line supervisor manages the production of individual machines and the production of the entire line. More technical details to consult