2021 Stefani One Touch

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ModelOne Touch
Stock NumberMLL931


Numerical Control with PC Panel height 60 mm PVC/Abs mm 3 Solid wood 20 mm Feed speed up to 30 m/min Working height adjustable electronically by C.N. Motorized rubberized belt with superior pressure Adjustable panel support guide Side roller conveyor with idle wheels for panel support Anti-adhesive group Rectifier unit with two adjustable motors Reel holder plate for edging rolls Gluing unit for PUR glue with Nordson pre-melter Edge pressure unit on straight profiles with adjustable pressure rollers Non-stick group Trimming unit with 2 motors with automatic inclination adjustment Overlapping trimming unit with 2 motors Multifunction rounding unit with 4 motors electronically adjustable by C.N. Edge scraper unit Glue scraper unit Oscillating brush group Hairdryer group TECHNICAL DETAILS TO BE CHECKED