2021 Biesse - Uniteam RC

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ManufacturerBiesse - Uniteam
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LIKE NEW! Machining center suitable for all companies operating in the wood construction sector, from carpentry cutting to tree trunk houses. The strengths are absolutely: * Maximum productivity * Large number of processing possibilities * Outstanding accuracy The machine is composed as follows: * Working dimensions : Y 40 \ 400 mm Z 20 \ 200mm Maximum weight of the workpiece 500 kg * OSAI Numerical Control with WinNBI interface (Windows based) allows you to create a user-friendly graphic interface, easy to use, with unique "Point & Click" and "Drag & Drop" functionality. Simple multilingual logic ed intuitive, it allows you to import projects and elements on BTL type file folders, to create 3D models, lists of work optimized according to the processes to be performed. * Blade group with double rotation head (B and C axes) C axis +\- 270° B axis +\- 0-90° Brushless motors 7,5 KW (S1) variable speed up to 3000 RPM with locking pincer for the blade Blade diameter 640 mm * Provision for lower working group * Load bank to right * Unloading bench on the left * Unloading aid system for short pieces * Perimeter security protections * Automatic lubrication system * Air-conditioned electrical cabinet * Protection cabins * Multi tool unit with 3 outputs and independent Z axis Brushless motor 7 KW (S1) 6000 RPM 2 outputs with HSK C40 connection for routing tools with manual tool change 1 group to calibrate diameter up to 250 mm * Lower drilling unit with independent Z axis Brushless motor 1 KW (S1) 3000 RPM with HSK C40 connection with quick tool change system * Lower drilling unit with independent Z axis Brushless motor 6 KW (S1) 18000 RPM with HSK C40 connection with quick tool change system * Automatic loading system (right) - 12 meters - composed of motorized supports to load a bar on the transport gripper - supports are spaced to support workpieces up to 14 meters * Automatic unloading system (left) - 8 meters - supports are spaced progressively to be able to increase the unloading capacity - the first support is wider than the others to be able to support the short pieces * Extra software key for multi-station management and command. The management of the is recorded on the first key CNC functions and the global production management can be recorded on the second key * Waste evacuation mat integrated at the base of the machine in the production area * Additional control key for the blade unit, the 3-outlet unit and the lower drilling units. Allows to control the machine logic from an external PC * HSK C40 tool holder cones with ER 32 attachment * HSK F50 tool holder cones with ER 40 attachment