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Usato 2022 Homag EDGETEQ S-500 Profi Kal 375/16/\/20
2022 Homag EDGETEQ S-500 Profi Kal 375/16/\/20

Single edgebander BRAND NEW! Numeric PowerTouch2 control Panel height 60 mm Solid wood 12 mm Pvc/...

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Usato 2018 Biesse Brema Eko 2.1
2018 Biesse Brema Eko 2.1

Numerical Control with BSolid Software - BSuite3 Working range on the X axis is 2500 mm Working r...

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Usato 2013 Biesse Skipper 130
2013 Biesse Skipper 130

CNC Flexible working center Numerical Control with Biesse Works software Possibility of working 2...

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Usato Weeke BHX 500
Weeke BHX 500

Automatic CNC machining center for efficient and precise drilling and milling of panel furniture ...

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Usato Weeke BP 140
Weeke BP 140

Power Control Numerical Control with WoodWop 4.5 Software Working stroke in X axis 3955 mm Workin...

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Usato 2011 Selco EB 120
2011 Selco EB 120

Osi Numerical Control Cutting optimization software Label printing software Labeler Quick blade c...

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Usato 2024 Palamatic SWL 110 kg
2024 Palamatic SWL 110 kg

Loader \ Suction cup manipulator System suitable for moving or loading woodworking machines such ...

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Usato 2013 Stefani Evolution SSB
2013 Stefani Evolution SSB

Numerical control PC Office with Widge Plus software Machine suitable for 1st + 2nd passage of th...

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Usato 2013 Biesse + Kuka Rover B 7.65 + KR210-2
2013 Kuka KR210-2

Kuka industrial robot with 6 articulated axes with point-to-point positioning. Independent contro...

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Usato 2008 Holzma Hpl 380 43/22/X
2008 Holzma Hpl 380 43/22/X

Numeric Control Power control CADmatic software PICA 108 labeler with labeler software Working di...

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Usato Bargstedt RTSP 410/D/30/12
Bargstedt RTSP 410/D/30/12

Automatic double cell unloader without pit for use in a squaring and edge banding line Motorized ...

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Usato Bargstedt TDK 520/30/12/S
Bargstedt TDK 520/30/12/S

Panel turning device used for loading and unloading panels. Working dimensions: * Maximum panel w...

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